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Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturer

Welcome to CHUANGBO Machinery! We are your most reliable Chinese source for twin-screw extruders, twin-rotor continuous mixers, and two-stage screw extruders. Remember to browse our full catalogue for the latest in extrusion technology!

Main products
    1. TSB Series Twin Screw Extruder

      The TSB series standard twin screw extruder from Chuangbo has strengthened regular torques. This series of products can be used for the mixing process of most kinds of plastic material.

    1. TSH Series Twin Screw Extruder Machine

      The high torque gives higher productivity, because the production capacity is enhanced, while the labor cost and power consumption are lowered. The product quality is also improved.

    1. TSS Series Twin Screw Extrusion Machine

      The overall performance (including cost-effectiveness and productivity) of the TSS series high performance twin screw extruder is quite satisfactory, showing great product quality, performance and desirable technique parameters.

    1. TSV Series Twin Screw Extrusion Equipment

      The high volume material container, together with the high torque of the TSV series high volume twin screw extruder, makes the productivity greatly optimized. The energy efficiency is also quite satisfactory.

    1. Two-Stage Screw Extruder

      The TSC series two-stage screw extruder is the latest product line of Chuangbo. The torque level of the twin screw has been increased, and the processing technique is divided into two stages. Thus the material can be processed individually and more effectively at each stage for different purposes.

    1. Twin-Rotor Continuous Mixer

      The twin-rotor continuous mixer can achieve continuous production property in addition to the traditional mixer’s great mixing performance and wider parameter setting range.

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